📣 A New (Easy) Way to Share Your Faith!

An exciting announcement from Malachi Daily!

Kieran here from Malachi Daily with 2 things:

  1. An exciting announcement!👇️

  2. Two quick polls so you can help us with something! 📊 

The Announcement 📣 

We all wear clothes every day...

Why not have clothes that make it easy to spark a conversation with a friend, co-worker or neighbor about Jesus? ✝️ 

This is exactly why we just launched our first batch of Scripture-based clothing!

Matthew 11:28-29 | t-shirt

I’ve been wearing samples of the clothes for the past few weeks and it has sparked so many conversations with believers and non-believers!

In addition to paying-it-forward, this is a great way to both:

  1. Start spiritual conversations with others that become opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus 📣 

  2. Support the work we’re doing at Malachi Daily to help fellow believers memorize and understand God’s Word 📖

🚨 For a limited time, everything in the shop is 15-20% off!

Here are some of the other designs…

Shout out to long-time Malachi Daily supporter (and designer) Kyle Barrett for these first few designs! Much more to come!

Matthew 11:28-29 | hoodie

John 15:5 | t-shirt

A Special Discount for Inner Circle Supporters ❤️ 

📣 If you currently support Malachi Daily by paying it forward, you get an additional 15% off of everything in the Malach Daily Shop! Your discount code is visible below! 👇️ 🙂

Tell us what you’d like to see next! ❤️ 

Two quick polls for you!

What other types of products do you want us to design?

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Which Bible verse do you want us to incorporate into a design next?

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Shout outs 📣 

HUGE thank you’s to S. H. and R. Cole for choosing to pay-it-forward so we can help more people memorize and learn about God’s Word!

💡 Note: Each monthly supporter help us reach 35 more people with the Word of God every month (that’s 420 people per year you can help us reach for the equivalent of 2-3 coffees/month)!

Feedback ❤️ 

This is truly helping me memorize God's word. I've been on a journey of getting to know him on a deeper level. Thank you so much!


You are doing such a great job. I shared it with my pastor and he thought very highly of it. I plan on sharing it with many more people in my life. I thank God for Malachi Daily!

D. L.

Have a blessed Easter!

See you in your inbox on April 1st when we memorize the next verse!

In Christ,

Kieran & Isaac

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